April 14, 2023

MGP Launches its Latest Series of the Methane Masterclass

Pre-registration is now live for the next Methane Guiding Principles’ Methane Masterclass on September 19-21, 2023, with more dates in planning. The Masterclass is an interactive virtual course for executives and operators in the oil and gas industry.

Led by leading academics and practitioners, it is designed to take companies’ methane strategies to the next level. The syllabus covers everything from the climate and business cases for reducing methane emissions, to practical reduction strategies, measurement techniques and policy updates.

I’m excited that we were able to get the MGP Masterclass progressing again. The Masterclass is a wealth of knowledge, from providing insight on why methane reduction is important, discussing the business case, to best practices. The Masterclass opens with a focus for executives then progresses to the operational level. It was extremely popular in the past and with its highlighted importance, I can see it even more relevant today.”

Chris Rathbun, Program Manager, MGP

The course is held in two-hour modules over three days and allows ample time for attendees to share their experiences and plan for improvement with other participants and experts.

Register your interest now for the September class or future classes.

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