April 10, 2024

Methane Guiding Principles in attendance at the 4C Marketplace and Environmental Conference

Our Program Manager, Chris Rathbun was a keynote speaker representing The Methane Guiding Principles at the 4C Marketplace and Environmental Conference which took place in Texas from 2-4 April at Houston Texas. Chris joined a panel discussion to discuss “The Evolution of Methane Detection”. It was a great opportunity for Chris to engage with industry leaders and experts in discussions and training sessions and to raise the profile of The Methane Guiding Principle amongst attendees.

According to Chris his personal highlight of the exhibition was seeing the remarkable evolution of methane detection technology. He thought that the level of innovation showcased at the event was truly inspiring. 

Methane detection is one of the key priority areas for the members of the Methane Guiding Principles. In Spring 2024, we launched our updated Best Practice Guide entitled “Identification, Detection, Measurement and Quantification – you can download it here

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