The Methane Guiding Principles is a voluntary, international multi-stakeholder partnership between industry and non-industry organisations. It has a focus on priority areas for action along the natural gas supply chain, from production to the final consumer.

Methane Guiding Principles

On 22nd November 2017, eight international oil and gas companies signed a set of Methane Guiding Principles. Since the inauguration of the Methane Guiding Principles, the number of Signatories and Supporting organisations has steadily expanded.

Complementary efforts

The Methane Guiding Principles are complementary to and mutually reinforcing of other initiatives including the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Oil and Gas Methane Partnership and the Global Methane Alliance.

OGCI Methane

The Methane Guiding Principles

In 2017, a set of Methane Guiding Principles were developed collaboratively by a coalition of industry, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and academics.

We are a voluntary international
multi-stakeholder partnership