Methane Guiding Principles in attendance at the 4C Marketplace and Environmental Conference

Our Program Manager, Chris Rathbun was a keynote speaker representing The Methane Guiding Principles at the 4C Marketplace and Environmental Conference which took place in Texas from 2-4 April at Houston Texas. Chris joined a panel discussion to discuss “The Evolution of Methane Detection”. It was a great opportunity for Chris to engage with industry leaders and experts in discussions and training sessions and to […]

MGP Supporter EDF Launches Groundbreaking Methane-Tracking Satellite 

Methane Guiding Principles congratulates its supporting organization Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) on the successful launch of MethaneSAT, a satellite which will track methane emissions on an unprecedented scale. The publicly available data that MethaneSAT collects will enable newfound visibility over global emissions. MGP looks forward to collaborating with its member organizations to leverage this step-change […]

Influencing Joint Ventures: MGP Launches Playbook to Engage Partners

Methane Guiding Principles (MGP) has launched a new playbook for companies looking to work with their joint venture (JV) partners on methane reductions. This playbook includes strategies for engaging uncooperative partners and offers practical advice on reducing methane emissions in non-operated JVs (NOJVs). The oil and gas sector is the largest industrial source of methane […]

MGP Members to Attend Methane Mitigation Global Summit

MGP member organizations will be attending the Methane Mitigation Global Summit, an opportunity for oil and gas industry leaders worldwide to come together, share experiences and ultimately up their game ahead of COP28.