November 16, 2022

MiQ Joins Methane Guiding Principles

We are pleased to announce that MiQ, an industry leader in methane emissions certification standards, has become a member of Methane Guiding Principles, an initiative that enables action in industry and government to reduce methane emissions from the natural gas supply chain.

MiQ joins nearly 50 member organizations that work together to develop and share hands-on interactive tools and guidance on the effective measurement, monitoring and reduction of methane emissions. They help other companies to learn from members’ experiences and put those lessons into practice.

“We are delighted that MiQ has joined the MGP partnership. They have been pioneers in the use of independently certified gas (ICG) to accelerate the wholesale reduction of methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain. They will be an invaluable source of expertise for our members.”

Chris Rathbun, Program Manager, MGP

Founded in 2017, Methane Guiding Principles focuses on five priority areas for action to reduce methane emissions across the natural supply chain.

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