January 28, 2021

Methane Guiding Principles Discusses 2021 Priority Actions at Annual Roundtable

The executive representatives from 23 signatory companies and 15 supporting organizations met on January 14 at the annual roundtable of Methane Guiding Principles (MGP). Members were united in their commitment to reduce methane emissions. Actions that are being pursued by working groups – made up of different signatories to the MGPs – include:

Non-Operated Joint Venture (NOJV) Initiative: International Oil Companies have on average 50% of their production generated from NOJVs. This working group of nine MGP members seeks to reduce methane emissions at NOJV assets. Through consultation and collaboration, they have identified six initiatives for action in 2021. These activities are focused on driving meaningful reductions in emissions, better reporting and increased transparency from NOJVs.

EU Policy Working Group: Established in 2019, the MGP EU Policy Working Group brings together the different segments of the natural gas supply chain to contribute to EU policy discussions. In 2020, the group focused on developing policy recommendations and engaging with the European Commission as it developed the EU Methane Strategy. In 2021, the group will focus on developing a set of policy recommendations covering the full scope of EU legislative activity.

Methane from Flaring: Flaring is a major methane source for many companies. Balancing practical considerations with the need for improved confidence in the data, this initiative is aimed at developing material that will support companies in understanding and improving flare methane performance. The focus will be reporting, identifying suitable improvement pathways, and highlighting and detailing available flare burn assessment technologies.

Malaysia Action on Methane: PETRONAS is collaborating with Repsol, ExxonMobil and Shell to target improved methane emissions reduction practices in Malaysia. Based on the output from two sessions held in 2020, a plan to address gaps and challenges has been developed for action in 2021.

Methane Measurement: Wintershall Dea and Gazprom are conducting a joint bottom-up methane measurement campaign in their Russian joint ventures.

Continued Support to International Energy Agency Methane Tracker: MGP members will continue their support to the expansion of the International Energy Agency Methane Tracker, and to their roadmap to aid regulators in establishing methane regulation.

United States Regulations: The MGP session also discussed engagement with the Biden Administration, to be led by Exxon, as it pursues new methane regulations in the United States.

Underpinning the MGP principle to increase transparency, MGP members have completed a template providing information on their methane emissions data, their 2020 work to reduce these emissions and their plans for 2021.

Furthermore, the MGP Best Practice Guides, aimed at increasing knowledge on the management of methane emissions, are now available on the MGP website in French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Mandarin.

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