March 20, 2024

Methane Masterclass Held in Bali 

On March 4–6, 2024, 96 participants attended the second Masterclass of the ASEAN Energy Sector Methane Leadership Program (MLP), hosted by PERTAMINA in Bali, Indonesia. 

The MLP, which was developed by MGP member PETRONAS and is backed by MGP, was launched in June 2023. It is an 18-month initiative, delivered through a series of classes and workshops, focusing on capacity- and capability-building to strengthen ASEAN energy companies’ plans, targets and financing options in reducing methane emissions. 

The Masterclass, as part of broader MLP ambition, demonstrates MGP’s support for partner initiatives that aim to move the needle on methane in Asia. MLP convenes a who’s-who of major players in the energy transition, including: 

  • ASEAN Centre of Energy 
  • ASEAN Council on Petroleum 
  • Environmental Defense Fund 
  • Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC)  
  • MGP 
  • PERTAMINA, the national energy company of Indonesia  
  • PTTEP, the national energy company of Thailand 
  • UN Environment Programme International Methane Emissions Observatory 
  • United States Agency for International Development 
  • United States Department of Energy 
  • United States Trade and Development Agency 
  • World Bank 
  • Woodside Energy 

The MLP builds off the ASEAN Energy Sector Methane Roundtable, which PETRONAS established in 2021. The Roundtable promotes collaboration on methane emissions management in the oil and gas sector through a series of biannual meetings. 

The Bali Masterclass’ overarching themes included technical training on methane policy directions and methane data management. Speakers hailed from various organizations, from MGP partners Carbon Limits and MiQ, to energy ministries, to some of the region’s largest oil and gas companies, including PETRONAS. Session topics ranged from emissions certification to developing and implementing a company-wide methane abatement policy. 

We look forward to supporting further MLP programming, including future Masterclasses. 

More information on the MLP can be found here. 

Image source: PETRONAS

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