May 12, 2023

MGP Members to Attend Methane Mitigation Global Summit

The Methane Mitigation Global Summit will be hosted in Houston, Texas next month.

The event comes at a pivotal time as the IEA reports companies need to cut methane emission intensity by more than 70% by 2030. The industry has also been urged this year by the COP28 president-designate to scale up best practices.

MGP member organizations will be attending the summit which is an opportunity for oil and gas industry leaders worldwide to come together, share experiences and ultimately up their game ahead of COP28. 

Methane Guiding Principles’ Program Manager, Chris Rathbun, will be attending on the second day of the summit. He will be presenting free-to-use practical tools and guidance oil and gas companies can use to implement immediate and continual steps to reduce methane emissions. He will also share insights into the MGP Methane Masterclass – a virtual course for oil and gas executives and operators running this September. 

Chris will also be participating in a panel discussion with Giulia Ferrini (OGMP Program Manager at UNEP) and Jennifer Stewart (Director of Climate and ESG Policy at the American Petroleum Institute) on methane industry initiatives and their coordination with policy, research and regulation to ensure methane reduction.

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