March 22, 2023

Introducing: Mist 2.0

We recently launched a new and improved version of the Methane Inventory Systematic Tool. Mist 2.0 helps oil and gas companies quantify their methane emissions and calculate the mitigation potential and costs to reach net zero.

Methane Guiding Principles, bp and the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative worked with Carbon Limits to update the tool. New updates include:

  1. Automatic development of an abatement cost curve for each site or company – the Mist tool can now identify abatement potential and cost based on custom abatement technology.
  2. Improved user experience – you can now create your first emission inventory with a few inputs that can be improved over time as more information becomes available.

“The recently launched Carbon Limits Mist 2.0 tool is a great example of MGP in action. By contributing funds and technical expertise, we have helped accelerate and enhance an existing tool that will support companies in improving their understanding, reporting and mitigation of methane. The tool incorporates many years of technical knowledge so those newer to the methane space can fast-track their methane journey at their own pace.

“Mist 2.0 is completely free to the end-user, and this helps remove barriers to uptake – critical if we want the whole industry to change. Success is, of course, not having a tool but using the tool to drive change and performance improvement. We expect great uptake and use of Mist 2.0 in 2023 and beyond.”

Sonna Sathiamoorthy, Group Carbon Manager, bp

No matter where you are on your methane journey, start calculating your mitigation potential and costs today.

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