February 21, 2023

IEA Launches Latest Edition of Global Methane Tracker

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has launched its fifth edition of the Global Methane Tracker. For the first time, the report includes the opportunities and costs of reducing emissions from coal supply, allowing for a comprehensive overview of abatement options for fossil fuel operations.

The 2023 update provides IEA’s latest emissions estimations from across the sector – drawing on more recent data and readings from satellites and ground-based measurements.

“The Global Methane Tracker reveals that emissions from oil and gas are not falling anywhere near fast enough to reach the Paris Agreement, even though opportunities are available to slash emissions”.

Chris Rathbun, Program Manager, MGP

The IEA press release states that by using existing technologies, oil and gas companies could reduce their methane emissions by 75%.

Report insights can be used alongside IEA’s Oil & Gas Regulatory Roadmap to increase operational efficiency, reduce methane emissions and meet net-zero faster.

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