November 30, 2023

The Methane Guiding Principles launches initiative supporting 20 countries on methane emissions reduction

The Methane Guiding Principles (MGP) launched the Advancing Global Methane Reduction (AGMR) initiative which aims to instigate and accelerate country-level methane emissions reductions.

Under the AGMR, MGP members are currently working with governments and industry in 20 countries representing more than 25% of global oil and gas production, informing methane policies and regulations and disseminating best practice.

The AGMR follows on the Oil and Gas sector toolkit for the Global Methane Pledge developed under the MGP in 2022. The toolkit connects policymakers and regulators with resources and institutions to support methane policy and regulation development in countries that joined the Global Methane Pledge.

“The MGP brings unique value through collaboration between industry and civil society in the pursuit of ambitious outcomes. Through the AGMR we aim to drive impactful methane emissions reduction on a global scale”.

Cederic Cremers, Chairman of MGP and Executive Vice President for Shell LNG

Established in 2017, the MGP is a senior-executive-led methane coalition counting 50 members today. It focuses on five key areas of action to drive down methane emissions:

  1. Continually reduce methane emissions
  2. Advance strong performance across the gas supply chain
  3. Improve accuracy of methane emissions data
  4. Advocate strong policy and regulations on methane emissions
  5. Increase transparency

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