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Methane Guiding Principles

Methane Guiding Principles drives efforts in five priority areas to reduce methane emissions from natural gas. Our members develop and share practical tools and guidance to help others to learn from their experience and put those lessons into practice.

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Methane Guiding Principles has approximately 50 members committed to reducing methane emissions. They actively share their knowledge to accelerate methane mitigation across the oil and gas industry. 


Best Practice Guides

MGP’s Best Practice Guides are designed to support those responsible for developing and implementing methane management plans. There are 10 Guides, each focused on a specific priority action and available in multiple languages.

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Recommended Practices for Methane Emissions Quantification and Detection

September 28, 2023

15:30 CEST | 8:30 CDT | 7:30 MDT

Global spending on monitoring methane emissions in the oil and gas industry is forecast to reach US$918 million by 2025. Learn how you can get the most out of these new technologies and discover recommended practices for detecting and measuring methane emissions in our second technical methane webinar hosted by the Energy Institute.
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Joint Venture Playbook

A playbook to help companies influence the partners who operate joint ventures on their behalf to reduce methane emissions, written and compiled by industry insiders
Methane Guiding Principles

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