April 12, 2021

Methane Guiding Principles Welcomes Three New Members

Three organizations have joined MGP in 2021 as interest in action on methane continues to grow.

ENN Energy joins as a signatory. ENN is one of the largest clean energy distributors in China. The principal business of the Group is the investment in, and the construction, operation and management of gas pipeline infrastructure, integrated energy projects and the sales and distribution of piped gas, LNG and other multi-energy products.

Joining as a supporting organization, The European Gas Research Group (GERG) is a collaborative research and development group for gas and an industry network with over 30 members from 12 countries. GERG works closely with the EU and CEN and is currently delivering flagship projects linked to the future role of energy gases. Areas of methane research include quantifying underground leakage from gas pipelines, comparison of top-down methane quantification methods, and testing of tools and devices for detection and measurement of methane emissions in transmission systems.

Also joining as a supporting organization, GTI is a leading research, development and training organization addressing global energy and environmental challenges. GTI is working on a multitude of projects to quantify and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from various sources and identify opportunities for reduction. Initiatives have addressed methane emission measurement in natural gas distribution systems, and the team is evaluating and developing technologies for leak detection and quantification for gas utilities.

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