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Making the Cut

Methane emissions arise from various sources, including energy, agriculture and waste processing. While systemic change may be needed to eliminate emissions from other areas, the oil and gas industry already has several cost-effective tools at its disposal. Emissions from leaks, venting, flaring and poorly-designed or improper use of equipment can often be addressed via simple technical fixes and upgrades. Potential co-benefits can be significant, including cost savings and more efficient natural gas networks.

Methane Guiding Principles has spearheaded several initiatives enabling best-practice sharing around methane abatement, including online tools and resources developed with member companies and supporters. This is helping our ecosystem take action to cut methane emissions in line with Paris Agreement goals and move the needle on climate change.

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Methane Masterclass

Next Available Course: Spring 2024

The Methane Masterclass covers methane science, methane reduction strategies and planning, measurement techniques, technologies, policy updates and where to get guidance and support.
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Best practice guide

Operational Repairs

MGP’s Best Practice Guide for operational repairs
Case study

Snam: Leak Detection and Repair Applications

Elaborates on Snam’s leak detection repair (LDAR) program, which consists of periodic campaigns for monitoring system components to identify methane leaks and plan maintenance operations