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MGP & Stanford University: Methane Sensing – Aircraft and Satellites

Methane Guiding Principles recently hosted the first in a series of technical webinars. It was focused on cutting-edge advances in methane emissions research and remote sensing. Leading the webinar was Dr. Sahar H. El Abbadi, a postdoctoral scholar in energy resource engineering at Stanford University.

Airplane-mounted sensor used by the researchers to detect methane leaks from oil and natural gas production in the New Mexico half of the Permian Basin. (Image credit: Stanford University)

Remote sensing can enable rapid and large-scale identification of methane emissions. Specifically, methane-sensing aircraft and satellites play an increasingly important role in the oil and gas sector. This webinar explores the research and evaluation of methane sensing technology and how it can be used to rapidly find and fix methane leaks. Topics covered include: 

  • How aircraft and satellites are used to measure methane
  • How Stanford independently evaluates plane and satellite measurement capabilities
  • Why satellite and aircraft surveys are essential for meeting global climate objectives
  • The results of the independent research. 

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