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Australian Gas Infrastructure Group MGP Methane Report

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group methane report as submitted to MGP

High-Level Overview and Comparison of Policy Frameworks

Strategies to Avoid Emissions (Hot Taps, ILL, Bundling, Flaring)

Pneumatic Devices for Emission Mitigation

Mitigating Pipeline Blowdowns in Canada

Flare Emissions Monitoring Using Flare.IQ

IOGP Methane Detection & Quantification Technology Filtering Tool

Recommended Practices for Methane Emissions Detection and Quantification Technologies – Upstream

This report provides operators with a framework and guidelines for selecting and deploying technologies that are tailored to their facilities and objectives

Policy Instrument Options for Addressing Methane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Sector

An overview of different policy instrument options and guide for policymakers to assess which option is most attractive

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report Summary for Policymakers

The policymaker summary of the latest findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, considered the leading global body on climate science, including the role of methane

MGP Policy Framework for Reducing Oil and Gas Methane Emissions

MGP’s policy guidance for reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations

Reducing Methane Emissions across the Natural Gas Value Chain – Guiding Principles

The founding Methane Guiding Principles document as drafted, authorized and signed by the original eight founding MGP members.

Identification, Detection, Measurement and Quantification

MGP’s Best Practice Guide for identification, detection, measurement and quantification of methane emissions

OGMP 2.0 Mid- and Downstream Reporting Template

An Excel template for reporting mid- and downstream methane emissions (see also “OGMP 2.0 Completing Mid- and Downstream Template”)

TC Energy MGP Methane Report

TC Energy’s methane report as submitted to MGP

SOCAR MGP Methane Report

SOCAR’s methane report as submitted to MGP

Chevron MGP Methane Report

Chevron’s methane report as submitted to MGP

Beijing Gas MGP Methane Report

Beijing Gas’s methane report as submitted to MGP

Baker Hughes MGP Methane Report

Baker Hughes’s methane report as submitted to MGP

APA MGP Methane Report

APA’s methane report as submitted to MGP

Mist Toolkit

Mist is a best-in-class and user-friendly tool which leverages the latest research to set up methane inventories and help prioritize mitigation. Leveraging the experience of more than a decade supporting companies with their methane inventories, Mist provides the magnitude and nature of emissions from facilities and identifies the abatement potential and cost, based on custom abatement technology.

Methane Flaring Toolkit

This toolkit can assist in assessing, measuring and monitoring methane emissions from flaring by providing customized solutions for different areas of the oil and gas value chain where flaring may occur.

Joint Venture Playbook

A playbook to help companies influence the partners who operate joint ventures on their behalf to reduce methane emissions, written and compiled by industry insiders

bp MGP Methane Report

bp’s methane report as submitted to MGP

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