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Measure and Report Methane Emissions

A Granular Approach

Reducing methane emissions begins with understanding how much is out there – an often difficult task for this odorless, colorless gas. Methane Guiding Principles is committed to boosting measurement and reporting among its members. An expanding range of tools and strategies is lifting visibility over methane emissions to unprecedented levels.

The International Energy Agency estimates that actual methane emissions from the energy sector are roughly 70% higher than official tallies. This underscores the need for rigorous, point-level assessments that go beyond broad approximations. Technologies in the field today – from satellites to sensors – can quantify emissions with a high degree of accuracy and in real-time. This enables operators to pinpoint and address leaks and other direct sources of emissions.

Coordinated Efforts

MGP members are at the forefront of developing and utilizing these technologies. Working in concert with governments, think tanks, academic institutions, non-profits and other members of the private sector, they are pushing the universalization of measurement and reporting via development of standards and sharing of best-practices. The more data emerge about the true extent of methane emissions from the energy sector, the more effective work will be to stanch their flow.

Featured Webinar

MGP & Stanford University: Methane Sensing – Aircraft and Satellites

Methane Guiding Principles recently hosted the first in a series of technical webinars. It was focused on cutting-edge advances in methane emissions research and remote sensing. Leading the webinar was Dr. Sahar H. El Abbadi, a postdoctoral scholar in energy resource engineering at Stanford University.
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Methane Masterclass

Next Available Course: Spring 2024

The Methane Masterclass covers methane science, methane reduction strategies and planning, measurement techniques, technologies, policy updates and where to get guidance and support.