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Find Guidance on Methane Policy

Committing to Reductions

Methane is rising up the global climate agenda and policymakers are taking note. With the 1.5°C target set by Paris Agreement signatories at risk of slipping by, governments are employing a variety of levers – including fines and regulations – to quickly cut domestic methane emissions.

The Global Methane Pledge, a commitment by 100 countries representing nearly 50% of global anthropogenic methane emissions and over two-thirds of global GDP, has accelerated policy action. Top-down directives are proliferating, including a fee for methane emissions from certain facilities as part of America’s Inflation Reduction Act. Excuses from the oil and gas sector to carry on with business-as-usual are vanishing.

Providing a Supportive Platform

Methane Guiding Principles supports robust policy action on methane emissions. This uniquely powerful lever can catalyze action on a scale that would be difficult to achieve with industry alone. As more regulations emerge, MGP will continue to provide a platform for industry response and engagement.

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Methane Masterclass

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The Methane Masterclass covers methane science, methane reduction strategies and planning, measurement techniques, technologies, policy updates and where to get guidance and support.
Featured resource
Overview report

Policy Instrument Options for Addressing Methane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Sector

An overview of different policy instrument options and guide for policymakers to assess which option is most attractive
Case study

Curtailing Flaring and Venting: New Mexico Methane Strategy

Lays out the process by which methane-reduction rules in New Mexico were promulgated, along with the key components of the regulation

MGP Methane Policy Toolkit

The Methane Policy Toolkit supports policymakers as they develop policy and regulation to reduce methane emissions, providing policymakers with key resources and institutions that support policy efforts. Resources such as the IEA’s Regulatory Roadmap can support countries in choosing an appropriate regulatory approach and implementing a set of effective methane policies.