The transparent reporting of methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain is important to better understand the scale of the issue. Better data not only demonstrates the relative performance of operators in their management of methane emissions; it can also inform the development of policy and regulation.

Metric and Targets

The signatories to the Methane Guiding Principles are committed to improving the quality and transparency of methane data. As a minimum, Signatories will report against a set of quantitative methane metrics, as set out below.


  1. What are your organisation’s total methane emissions (in metric tonnes)?
  2. Does your organisation report methane intensity? If so, please specify the intensity.
  3. If you report more than one intensity for different value chain components, please specify these intensities.
  4. Provide information on how you define your intensity, with details on the methodologies for both the numerator and denominator.


What are your applicable emissions by sources and value chain component? Below is an example matrix template*; companies may use different categories to better characterise their operations.

*Example Matrix template for reporting emissions by source and value chain component:


Describe what methodologies you use to develop and verify your methane emissions inventory.


  1. Do you have a methane emission target?
  2. What is the format (e.g. absolute, intensity-based, etc.), scope, ambition, and timing of your methane emission target?
  3. What progress have you made in achieving the target?

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multi-stakeholder partnership