There are numerous organisations working to reduce oil and gas methane emissions, each one with its particular focus. Some track methane emissions, others support policy development or abatement projects, while yet others aim to drive better industry standards and kick-start new technologies. Here we present leading initiatives, describe how they contribute to methane abatement and highlight what they can offer to policy makers that are looking for support in this area.

International organisations and other civil society

Many international and civil society organisations are official supporters of the Global Methane Pledge and have a long record of providing assistance for policy action on methane.

Industry initiatives

Many voluntary industry initiatives set targets to reduce emissions, develop standards for monitoring and reduction technologies or otherwise disseminate best practices among industry players.


This page provides an overview of the Toolkit and how to use it, along with important background and context information.


A lot of material is currently available to inform action on methane. While there are still a number of gaps to be filled, a number of robust resources have been developed to support regulators and policy makers with the various aspects of methane mitigation.

Case Studies

This page presents recent developments and case studies of specific policy actions and technologies that are demonstrably reducing methane emissions.

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