Methane Cost Model

The Methane Cost Model provides the user with a screening tool to support the identification and evaluation of potential methane reduction projects across the natural gas supply chain. The model can be used for screening options during both the early design phase of a project as well as for modifications to existing operations.

The screening tool comprises 7 individual Workbooks which address different methane sources across the natural gas supply chain. The Methane Cost Model is aimed at project engineers and operational personnel who are required to evaluate different methane emission reduction projects. Instructions for each Cost Model are contained within the Workbooks.

The 7 Methane Cost Model Workbooks

Instructions are included within the Cost Model

Equipment Leaks Guide





Storage Tanks





Flaring Guide



Well Completions and Maintenance


This tool has been developed by the Methane Guiding Principles partnership as a resource to help users make decisions on methane emissions reduction activities and methane management. Use of the tool is not mandatory and the information included in or generated by the tool does not necessarily reflect the views or positions of all Signatories to or Supporting Organisations of the Methane Guiding Principles partnership. Readers will need to make their own evaluation of that information. No warranty is given to users concerning the completeness or accuracy of the information included in or generated by this tool by the authors, SLR International Corporation, the Methane Guiding Principles partnership or its Signatories or Supporting Organisations.