Executive Courses

Full syllabus

The objective of the Executive Education course is to provide attendees with an understanding of the following:

  • The imperative to reduce methane emissions and the opportunity to use best practices to address climate change.
  • How to identify the business case benefits associated with methane management with respect to revenue loss, social license to operate and safety.
  • How to categorise the nature and distribution of methane emissions arising from different stages of the full natural gas supply chain and apply this understanding to their assets or in their company context.
  • How to identify the potential technological and operational sources of methane emissions.
  • The impact of super emitters, what they are, why they occur and how they may be tackled.
  • How to estimate global methane emissions from all anthropogenic sources, and particularly the contribution from oil and gas supply chains.
  • Examples of best practice in methane management at different stages of the natural gas value chain.
  • The methane mitigation approaches associated with the 8 Reducing Methane Emissions: Best Practices. The Executive Education course will emphasise how to ensure continuous improvement.
  • The current and future regulation across different regions, as well as methane related emissions targets (voluntary and enforced).

Upcoming courses

The following Methane Executive courses are planned. Course attendance is currently by invitation only. However, if you are interested in attending or hosting a course in the future, please complete the form below.
Please note these course dates are indicative and may change.

Country / Region Type of course Sponsor Date
Qatar Masterclass for Qatar Petroleum and affiliates Qatar Petroleum 30 January 2020
Qatar Executive Course for Qatar Petroleum and affiliates Qatar Petroleum 30 January 2020
Oman Masterclass / Executive Course for gas company representatives Total February 2020
(margins of IGU)
Italy Executive Course for supply chain representatives Eni / SNAM TBC
Norway Masterclass for Equinor and gas facility staff Equinor TBC
Russia Executive Course / Masterclass Rosneft TBC 2020
Eastern Europe Executive Course / Masterclass Wintershall TBC 2020
Eastern Europe Executive Course / Masterclass Eurogas TBC 2020

This course is currently by invitation only but if you or your company are interested in attending a course in the future, please register your interest below.

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