MGP runs an interactive Methane Masterclass for facility managers and executives.

We also provide a self-guided e-learning course for individuals and organisations.

Our courses are designed to improve awareness and share practical know-how on managing methane emissions.

The courses cover methane science, methane reduction strategies and planning, measurement techniques, technology, policy, and where to get guidance and support. It also integrates and promotes the Reducing Methane Emissions: Best Practices and related materials.


The courses are delivered, independently, by experienced trainers from the Sustainable Gas Institute, Imperial College London. They incorporate hands-on case studies from industry experts.


The Methane Masterclass targets those making decisions with respect to planning, mitigating, measuring and reporting methane emissions. The first of three 2-hour modules is also targeted at executives.

The Masterclass provides a strategic view on the importance of methane emissions reduction and the business case for mitigation, builds confidence in the tools available,  and includes a deep-dive on best practices with hands-on case studies from industry experts.

The Masterclass is delivered virtually and is available via face-to-face teaching on request.

Course duration: 6 hours


A self-paced 2-hour e-learning training course on why and how to reduce methane emissions across the natural gas value chain.

Bite-sized pre-recorded video content with quizzes to consolidate learning, as well as reading lists and relevant resources

Explore technologies and best practices, and learn how to evaluate methane detection, measurement and reduction options.

Available here on the Energy Institute’s Moodle Learning Management System

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