The Methane Guiding Principles partnership has a Global Outreach Programme which comprises of two courses: An Executive Course and a Masterclass

Our courses are designed to improve awareness and know-how on managing methane emissions.

The Global Outreach Programme covers methane science, methane reduction strategies and planning, measurement techniques, technology, policy, and where to get guidance and support. It also integrates and promotes the Reducing Methane Emissions: Best Practices and related materials.


The courses are delivered, independently, by experienced trainers from the Sustainable Gas Institute, Imperial College London.

Executive Course

The Executive Course is targeted at senior managers and executives with overall responsibility for the gas business and accountability for emissions reductions across global operations, or similar, in the companies in which they are employed.

It provides a strategic view on the importance of methane emissions reduction alongside confidence in the tools available.

The Executive Couse is available via face to face teaching or can be delivered virtually.

Course duration: 3 hours


The Methane Masterclass targets managers, namely those making decisions with respect to planning, mitigating, measuring and reporting methane emissions.

The Masterclass incorporates the same content as the Executive Course and includes a deep-dive on the Reducing Methane Emissions: Best Practices.

The Masterclass is available via face to face teaching or can be delivered virtually.  It is also now available as an e-learning allowing self-paced learning via bite-sized pre-recorded video content.

Course duration: 7 hours

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